Flying To Other Countries.

Flying to other countries are simple part of the human life for business, vacations or for higher studies.
Your lifestyle may require you to fly to other countries for business purpose, get together, visiting relatives or higher studies. So you must prepare yourself for happy journey. Follow these guide to bight up your travel plan.

  • Before you start your travel plan check your passport to have more than 06 months of validity and enough blank pages for to get stamps and visas.
  • One you had booked your flight note the allowed baggage numbers and weight flight numbers and the departure time and the transit points.
  • Double check your passport and the ticket before you leave from your home or hotel.
  • Don’t take the things that are prohibited inside the flight cabin.
  • Put tags on your luggage with your name, address and the contact number.
  • Get the vehicle drivers’ details, if you are going to airport in a hired vehicle.
  • Be in the check in counter queue, 3 hours prior to your flight’s departure time.
  • Avoid carrying bags of other passengers.
  • Keep personal things with you as if you leave them unattended, as the security personal may dispose them,
  • Once you had boarded the flight, call your home with the mobile phone and then switch it off and then put on your seat belts on.
  • Keep your seat belts on through out the flight.

    Flying to other countries with cheap tickets.

    passengers can fly with minimal air ticket price, if they don’t have any languages.
    Some carriers offer 10 kg only for their budget flights.
    Airline and airport workers will not transfer heavy weight bags from fight to terminal or vice versa.
    Check with travel agent about your allowed total kilos and the weight of each pieces recommended by them.
    There is facility to send in cargo as unaccompanied languages at extra cost.