Buy iPhone Interest Free Installment Plan.

Buy iPhone Interest Free Installment Plan.

Buy iPhone interest free Installment Plan is available for the buyers in Sri Lanka from the Apple products authorized dealers. This way you are not forced to pay the price of the device in whole. The price can be paid partly on a month by month basis. The cash will be directly charged to your card by the seller.

iPhone and iPhone Plus devices can be purchased from the official dealersĀ  with a 12 month interest free installment plan with your credit card very easily. There will be no interest and no extra charges will be added to your monthly payment plan. Check with your bank whether you can purchase any of the brand new iPhone model from Dialog, Abans, Singer Mega or Softlogic stores.

iPhone Installment Plan.

iPhone and iPhone Plus models are available with 64 GB and 128 GB memory from these stores.Also there are facilities too available for to insure your iPhone device at low coast as the device is very expensive one for average Sri Lanka person.

There are many re-sellers offer iPhone and iPhone Plus in Sri Lanka. Before to buy from them check whether they will provide you original Apple warranty. Also there are many fake Chinese models are displayed in the market. So be careful when you are buying a device with large amount of money.

Fake iPhone.

Fake iPhone may look exactly like the original one but its functions will not be the same.
Device may not have IMEI number, even if it have, it may be a fake one.
It can’t be updated with any iOS.
The device may explode while charging.
Calls may be dropped while you are talking.
You can take photos but they won’t be in good quality.
Cover of the device will lose color and may crack when press it hard.
It will not have any re-sale value.


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