Sri Lanka Smartphone Market.

Sri Lanka Smartphone market

Sri Lanka Smartphone market is in troubled water after the Government became short with foreign funds.  There are shortage of spare parts  for many of the phone models. Sri Lanka phone usage  is increasing very rapidly. Smartphone usage in Sri Lanka  has widely expanded in the recent years. This is because of the availability of the networks 3G and 4G LTE island wide. Sri Lanka still offers the 2G network to its citizens. Recently the Sri Lanka Authorities had signed a pact for the usage of 5G network connectivity in the island. Most of the Smartphone users are found in the Colombo district while the rural area too had a significant increase in the Smartphone and Tablet usage.

iPhone or the other related Apple products are not available in the Apple stores in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile Apple products too bought from Sri Lanka from the Apple Online Store. iPhone models and iPad are sold through a carrier in the Sri Lanka market along with some other private companies. People are afraid of the iPhone service facility and because of this and of the higher prices, iPhone sales is very low here.

Another reason for the Smartphone sales increase in Sri Lanka is the availability of the Free Wi-Fi hotspots. Sri lanka Government is offering free Wi-Fi Hotspot in the important places throughout the island. Visiting Tourists can’t access the Free Wi-Fi Hot-spots in Sri Lanka except the Colombo airport.

Smartphone Market Players.

Samsung is the market leader while other Smartphone’s from,  Apple, Huawei, Sony Xperia, Oppo, Xiaomi, Micromax, Nokia and other leading Chinese and Indian models too are available in the local market. Most of them have  good sales where people are happy with their Android OS and related Apps. Apple’s iPhone too available for sale in Sri Lanka. But its high price is one of the reason that it can’t compete in the sales here.

After and has announced the 4G LTE network through their carriers, 4G supporting Smartphone are sold widely as they are good for fast download and uploads through the 4G LTE network in most of the large cities you can find 4G LTE internet accessibility with great speed. On the other hand Government’s Free Wi-Fi program too is supporting the sales of the Smartphone in Sri Lanka.

In the  Sri Lanka Smartphone market People are looking for one more simple mobile phone along with their Smartphone. They still trust their cell phone for  easy phone calls and SMS text messages. On the other hand it is not so expensive and won’t give them a large monthly bill from their carrier. The other reason is Sri Lanka is a country with lot of sun light. So people find it to be difficult to view their Smartphone’s screen on the day time while on the road.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Price: Rs 627,899/-
14 Pro Price: Rs 572,199/-
iPhone 14 Plus Price: Rs 516,499/-
14 Price: Rs 460,799/-
iPhone SE (3rd generation) Price: Rs 252,281/-
13 Pro Max Price Rs 548,200/-
iPhone13 Mini Price: Rs 349,990/-
13 Price: Rs 419,990/-
iPhone 13 Pro Price: Rs 469,990/-
12 Price: Rs 368,300/-
iPhone11 Price: Rs 280,400/-



USA Smartphone Usage

USA Smartphone Usage.


USA Smartphone usage is increasing as US is one of the richest market for it. Here all the mobile phone companies want to penetrate in to the market. The winner will be awarded with very good turn over. Specially for the Smartphone sales and its usage. The mobile carriers in the USA are very smart. It can’t be penetrated by new comers easily as the brand worship is very high over there. Currently there are nearly 295 Million Smartphone users in the USA. They spend lot of money on mobile content rather than paying for Mobile Content as Video and Music.

People are slowly and steadily changing to Smartphones from their cell phones every month. Now nearly 57% of the US public are using the latest Smartphones to communicate while a small fraction of people are using it for personal banking. Nearly 144 million Smartphones are being used by the Americans where Apple iPhone leads the market followed by Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG. People love border-less, 3D Boarder less sense Smartphones and flip smartphones too in the USA.

In America people used to watch and listen to songs of their favorite stars. They used to store them in their Smartphones. Singer Taylor Swift leads as their favorite Singer. Other stars who are inside of the American people’s Smart phone also include Lady Gaga,Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Fifth Harmony, Hilary Duf, Justin Bieber, Lana Del Rey, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Rihana, Selena Gomez, Spice Girls and The Weekend.

Top 10 Songs from Taylor Swift in the USA Smartphones.

  1. You Belong With Me
  2. Style
  3. Dear John
  4. State of Grace
  5. Mean
  6. Love Story
  7. Blank Space
  8. Teardrops on My Guitar
  9. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  10. Our Song

Meanwhile lot of video games too take their places in the Smartphones. Young people are much interested in them to play as single player games or multi player games to challenge their friends online. USA kids used to spend millions of dollars on this Smartphone games. Also they used to buy special head phones and add-ons that are available in-side of the games online. Online movies and APPS too get their share through the USA Smartphones.

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