Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Car.

Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Car is now available for pre-order. Watch ouit already10,000 orders had been placed within Europe for the VW ID.3 model. Now it stands at 15,000 after one week. It is a real challenge for the American Electric Car Tesla. Mean while Tesla received 276,000 pre-orders for its Tesla Model 3 when luxury executive sedan model in the year 2016.The Volkswagen car got another credit as it had produced more than 22.5 million Beetles until the year 2003 when the productions were called off worldwide.

The ID.3 Hatch with the price tag of £28,500 ( €30,000) can travel around 200 miles with a charge (330 Km). The model comes with a 45kWh battery. The owners can select 58kWh or 77kWh at different prices. They can do 261 miles and 342 miles according to their battery size. Anyway these models can All models can use the 25kW DC fast charging mode. VW announced that all versions of the ID.3 can be upgrade-able through software updates like a Tesla model. Updates can accessed through VW dealer network or over-the-air mode.

VW Electric Hatch Pre-Order.

In Europe VW is accepting 1,000 euro ($1,120) deposits in order to secure a spot for an initial limited run for one of 30,000 special-edition ID 3 cars. They will be offered in four colors and three versions. The ID 3 1ST includes voice control and a navigation system; the 1ST Plus has lighting upgrades. It got a two-tone interior and exterior, and the 1ST Max has a panoramic glass roof and augmented-reality head-up display.

VW E-car will provide a full warranty on tID.3’ battery that can go up to eight years, 160,000 km (around 100,000 miles), or the depreciation of the battery to 70 percent of its original maximum capacity. Furthermore the ID.3 model will come with advanced driver assistance technology.

VW ID.3 Versions.

Company said that the ID.3 model is to come in 3 versions. The basic version will include voice control functionality and a navigation system. ID.3 1st Plus edition, is coming with fancier interior lighting and a two-tone exterior.

ID.3 1st Max is to come with innovations like augmented reality heads up display and with a large panoramic glass roof.

VW ID.3 Video