Vehicle Permit Holder Car Price 2020

Vehicle Permit Holder Car Price 2020.

Sri Lanka Government workers and some others are offered with brand new vehicle at nearly half the original sales price. Actually purchased  vehicle under permit or the vehicle permit can’t be transferred or sold to another person. It is a crime under the existing Sri Lanka law. Permit holders must keep watching Newspapers and TV’s to find special offers and concessions from the car importer, Banking sector and popular leasing companies. Some time you may get good offers from them for your vehicle permit from them.

There are rumors that the new Government forming in 2020 will not issue vehicle permit to the selected Parliment Members. This is to save the people’s fund.

Vehicle permit holders can do all the necessary paper works to buy their cars through reputed banks in Sri Lanka along with the popular car importing companies. Commercial Banks used to offer leasing facilities and other financing facilitates to the customers. Most of the Sri Lanka people first prefer to buy a Japanese sedan model car or Japanese Hybrid car. This is to show their status and power or to save fuel bill with the Hybrid model. There are thousands of Wagon R Hybrid models are on the roads of Sri Lanka. Because these kinds of model have good second hand re-sale value. Their second choice is cars made in Europe and then USA that is followed by the Indian make cars. But lot of Indian cars are on the road due to their lower price and spare parts availability.

Also the permit holders must take care to buy proper Insurance policies and coverage for their new vehicles that they are buying under this scheme.

Vehicle Permit Holder Car Prices.

Model                                                                     Permit Price                                                 Regular Price
Ssangyong Muso Rexton 2020                               Rs 60 lakhs
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2020                                           Rs 59 lakhs
Mitsubishi Triton GLX L200                                   Rs 61 lakhs
MGHS 1.5L                                                                  Rs 59 lakhs
Aqua 2019                                                                    Rs 28 lakhs
Premio Toyota 2020                                                  Rs 64 lakhs
Toyota Premio 2019                                                   Rs 60 lakhs
Range Rover Evoque (Land Rover)                        Rs 15.0Mn
2020 Toyota CH-R                                                     Rs 5,200,000
2017 Toyota CH-R  NGX50                                      Rs 3,500,000
Premeo                                                                         Rs 6,450,000
2018 Premio                                                                Rs 5,100,000
Axio 2020                                                                    Rs 4,300,000
2018 Suzuki Swift                                                      Rs 2,100,000
2017 Suzuki Swift                                                      Rs 1,800,000
Axio 2017                                                                    Rs 2,900,000
Vitz                                                                                Rs 2,550,000
Skoda Karoq                                                                Rs 8,750,000                                                     Rs 11,750,000/-
Nissan Qashqai J11                                                    Rs 5,600,000
Toyota Rocco (Thai) 2020                                      Rs 8.1 M (Permit price)
Toyota Rocco (Thai) 2020                                      Rs 8.1 M (Permit rice)
Nissan Navara SL 2020                                           Rs 6.3 M (Permit pripce)
Hilux Toyota (Jpn) 2020                                         Rs 7.0+ M (Permit price)
Toyota Eclipse (Ausi) 2020                                     Rs 6.7M (Permit price)
Toyota Eclipse (Jpn) 2018                                       Rs 5.2M (Permit price)
Premio Toyota 2020                                                 Rs 6.4 M (Permit pripce)
Honda CRV FX 2018                                                Rs 7.0 M (Permit price)
Honda CRV (Jpn) 2019                                            Rs 8.5M (Permit price)
Vezel 2017                                                                   Rs 4.0 M

More Models.

Axio Hybrid (Jpn) Rs 2.9M (Permit price)
Honda Vezel (Jpn) 2018 Model 4.0M (Permit price)
Toyota Sienta 3.9m (Permit price)
Raize X 5.8M (Permit price)
Vitz 3.6M (Permit price)
Range Rover Evoque 15.3 M
BMW X1 xLine 2018 Price: Rs 10,000,000/-+
2019 BMW X1 xLine Price: Rs 12,000,000/-+
2020 BMW X1 xLine Price: Rs 13,000,000/-+
2018 BMW X1 M sport Price: Rs 11,000,000/-+
2019 BMW X1 M sport Price: Rs 13,000,000/-+
2020 BMW X1 M sport Price: 14,000,000/-+
Audi Q3 SUV Price: Rs13,500,000/-+
2019 Honda CR-V Price: 10,500,000/-+ (Aus)
Honda CR-V 2019 Price> Rs 11,600,000/-+ (Jap)
2018 Honda CR-V Price: Rs 11,000,000/-+ (Jap)
Ford Ranger Price: 8.6+ Million (Regular Price)
Nissan Juke Price: 6.35+ Million (Regular Price)
Ford EcoSport Price: 5.35+ Million (Regular Price)

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