Vehicle Insurance.

Vehicle insurance is important one for the vehicles according to the Sri Lanka Motor traffic law. When people buy cars, vans or other vehicles for transport, the law requires to have third party insurance from the vehicle owner. Without this valid Insurance coverage no person will be allowed to drive vehicles on roads. Failure will end up in court prosecution. Now a days vehicle owners in Sri Lanka go for Full Insurance package. Because lot of vehicle’s side view mirrors had been broken by thieves.  Also similar objects too are stolen from the parked vehicles. In these situation, full insurance used to cover the replacement cost.

Sri Lanka insurance companies offer a scheme called as full coverage for the vehicle owners. This premium  is priced heavily but will cover every aspects when something happens to the vehicle. It is  not a problem whether the vehicle was traveling or parked, the insurance will cover the accident.

See one of the top Insurance company’s vehicle insurance offer.

For instance, same Class Vehicle Replacement.
In addition, Free Rs 4 Million as accidental Cover.
In addition on the spot warranty cover for 10 years.
Replacement of items? Full value paid.
Renewal? 15 days grace period.
Women are eligible for Plastic Surgery.
Brand New or Unregistered vehicle Condemned within 2 years of purchase, vehicle will be replaced.
Moreover countrywide Road Assistance X 24Hours.
Further more up to 70% No Claim Bonus, on the next year premium payment.

Vehicle Insurance Companies in Sri Lanka.

Janashakthi Insurance.                                   
Sanasa Insurance Company                            
Co-operative Insurance Company Ltd          
Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Ltd.          
Allianz Insurance Co Lanka Ltd.                    
Ceylinco Insurance Co. Ltd.                             
ABC Insurance Company Ltd.                         
Eagle Insurance                                                  
Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation
Amana Takaful Insurance                                 

On what your annual insurance fees depends on?

In addition want to get paper for your car, jeep or for any other vehicle?  After that following things will increase  or decrease the premium value. These information are required from you by the vehicle service providing companies in Sri Lanka. Further more they are to be true and correct when you are submitting the documents at their office. In conclusion then only they will calculate and decide on to give you the insurance for your vehicle with the correct value.
Price of the vehicle.
Vehicle type in addition Year of make.
Comprehensive or Third party
Usage as private or hiring.
Vehicle purchasing method.