Suzuki Celerio X

Suzuki Celerio X Price in Sri Lanka 3,000,000/- (Suggested)
India Price Rs 457,000/-

Suzuki Celerio X

Suzuki Celerio X was introduced first in India by December 2017. Now the perfect looking car is available in the Sri Lanka auto market. It is produced with striking features and sporty interiors. Black colored body kit with black bumper and a silver scuff plate. Integrated reflectors. Black ORVM housings (Outside Rear View Mirrors). Black color alloy wheels are fitted from the factory. Specially designed Black wheel arch cladding. Suzuki Celerio X is called as sports version by the media people in India due to it’s sporty look. There are many new features available in this model than the original standard model. The exterior looks perfectly different from its earlier model. Young people will love this

You have to take note that the standard Suzuki Celerio car is now having a good market lead in the sales. Even in Sri Lanka these cars are very popular in the mid sized car sector. The price is affordable one for the middle class families and young office staff.

Specifications of Suzuki Celerio X.
In India there are many Suzuki Celerio X variants too available for you to select from.

Engine: 998 cc
Three cylinder K10B (Petrol engine)
67 hp at 6000 rpm
90 Nm of torque at 3500 rpm
Transmission: 5-speed Gears (Automatic and Manual models are available)
Performance:23 Km/L (Can vary according to the condition of the road)
Fuel tank: 35 liters can be filled at one pumping.
Top Speed: 150 Km/H
Steering mounted Audio Control facility for the driver’s music entertainment.
Multi Info Display on the driver’s console.
Air Bag For the Driver is arranged on the driver’s side.
ABS for better vehicle control through the braking system.

Suzuki Celerio X Color.

Following colors are available for you to select as your car color: Solid Paprika Orange, Arctic White, Glistening Grey, Caffeine Brown, and Torque Blue.

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