Mitsubishi Attrage

Mitsubishi Attrage.

2022 Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2 GLX Price: AED 36,900
2022 Mitsubishi Mirage USA Price: US$ 14,645

Mitsubishi Attrage Sedan comes with lot of new futures with 1.2-liter 4 Cylinder engine. CVT Transmission, ABS with EBD, 15′ alloy wheels (inc spare) and Power Steering. Further more Leather seats, Key-less operation system, Immobilizer, Eco drive indicator and air bags for all.  In addition retractable side mirrors with signal indicators. In addition, 76 hp and 100 Nm of torque. Front Wheel Drive layout. In addition stand still to100 km/h in 13.8 seconds. After that, Top speed 165 km/h. 4.25 meters length, 1.67 meters width, and 1.51 meters height.


Price in Sri Lanka Rs 5,690,000/- (Suggested price. Out of stock)

As per Mitsubishi motors following are available
“Keyless Operation System
Operating the doors is especially easy. Simply carry the keyless operation key in your bag or pocket, and press the outer button on the driver’s door or trunk to open it or lock it. You can also press the engine switch to start or stop the engine.

Side turn lamp on door mirror
Enhances your driving safety by allowing you to clearly signal your intentions.

Housing a white illuminated display, the meters are now even clearer and easier to read. Accompanied by a tachometer and silver garnish. Brightness is adjustable.

Full auto air conditioner
Comfortable cabin temperatures are yours to enjoy year round.

Glove Box
Bulkier items like cameras stay accessible with a finger press.

Height-adjustable driver’s seat
Adjust the height of the driver’s seat to suit your preference.


Large and easy to load, the boot offers a generous storage capacity of 450 litres (measured by VDA method) to store items such as luggage, prams and even bicycles.”

Mitsubishi Attrage Eco performance.

Outstanding fuel economy and it meets your highest expectations. It is coming with roomy interior and wide ranging amenities. The attractive exterior with bold sedan face and wide, stable rear is also aerodynamically shaped to enhance Eco performance.

Mitsubishi Attrage 2018 Versions.
2018 1.2 GLX Fleet (MT)
Year 2018 1.2 GLX HL
2018 1.2 GLX LL

2022 Mirage.
USA Price: US$ 14,645+

Prices may vary according to  accessories, model year, special color and other aspects.
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