Kia Stonic

Kia Stonic SUV.

Sri Lanka Price: Rs 4.95 Mn (Out of stock)
Price in India: INR 9.0 lakh

Kia Stonic a comfortable SUV type is now available all over the world from the Kia Motors. Stonic is priced at affordable price range  in Sri Lanka. So it comes as more attractive to be sold in the local market. The main advantage for this vehicle is it is provided with best after sales service and warranties by the dealers. For instance this model may have good challenge from other models in its category.  But it outsmarts all the other models with the features it is provided with.Two tone body color is an exceptional present from Kia.

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Kia Stonic Rs. 9.00 Lakh
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Kia Stonic Features.

Any how most of the owners used to go to play grounds on the weekends while some used to go on mountain climbing and to on beach side activities.In addition  SUV’s are popular with the personals who are engaged with sports activities alone or with their family. Further more on any of the monthly Poya holidays however people used to go to Buddhists Temple and then take their family in SUV’s for family fun activities. Lot of people used to travel far away Buddhist Temples with their families to attend those Special Poya days ceremonies at the Temples.

Overall the  Stonic is provided with 120PS Engine that can roar all the way in to any terrains. Above all its steering wheel is shaped and positioned to stay clear of your legs. In addition the shift knob and other controls are placed for quick engagement. So these will allow you to be focused on the road and the path. Kia cars are bring sold here and the owners are really happy to have these vehicles as there are no complaints about these cars. On the other hand spare parts are available all over the island. Lot of service personal too are available for these models.

Kia warranty in Sri Lanka: 5 Year or 150,000Km which ever comes first.


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