Hybrid Cars.

Hybrid Cars.

Hybrid Cars are now replacing the traditional petrol vehicles in many parts of the world. They are based on the latest less weight hybrid batteries that can give longer life for them. Earlier petrol and diesel vehicles with little body mass did more mileage with aerodynamic designs.

Now people are choosing these hybrid cars as they are running on petrol and also using the in fitted re-chargeable batteries for smooth and high speed traveling. Normally these cars batteries have up to 5 years of battery life expectancy. They don’t need any special maintenance by the car owners. With this battery and the with less fuel the car can do more mileage for little cost.

Hybrid Cars From Toyota.

However the Toyota Prius is a full hybrid electric automobile, the model was developed and manufactured by Japan’s Toyota company. From 1997 it was offered as a 4-door sedan and from 2003 onward it was presented as a 5-door model. Further more this is a Front-engine model with front-wheel drive.These Toyota models are having good reception all over the world for its smooth economical operation. Around January 2017, the Prius Liftback is the world’s top selling hybrid car with almost 4 million units sold out mainly in USA and Japan market. Mean while the model is selling in good numbers in Sri Lanka along with Honda Vezel model.

Suzuki Wagon R.

Suzuki Wagon R (WagonR PREMIUM Hybrid ) with CVT transmission is now available in Sri Lanka with 5 years of Warranty. Further more the ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) generates electricity efficiently by using the kinetic energy of deceleration and charged the lead-acid battery and the lithium-ion battery for automatic engine stop vehicle. In addition using that electricity, the vehicle cruises only by the electric motor which assists the engine in the situation of accelerating. In conclusion Hybrid system contributes to improving fuel consumption. WagonR provided with maximized capacity lithium-ion battery  now . Further more this helps creeping by motor and the frequent motor assist.



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