BMW Car Flying Like A Rocket.

Car Flying

Last week one 44 years old Slovakia man drove his car off the road when he has to pass a tunnel. Luckily the structure didn’t have a tall pillar structure. It ahead a n elevated slope. Otherwise he could have crashed directly in to the concrete. But the slope gave him a take off at the speed of 40 – 50 mph.

The Police provided CCTV video shows the man going out of the designed track, thinking he is in correct lane or he was drunk to see where he was driving towards. At his speed the slope gave him a good lift to fly on high. But unfortunately the lift is not good enough to pass over the tunnel. Instead he hit the tunnel and took a rolling flip and went down in to the tunnel. Luckily the BMW didn’t catch fire even its tail was like a blazing rocket.

Slovakia Police said that the driver had escaped with only some bruises and no any broken bones. Also Police said alcohol had nothing to do with that incident. The driver could have a loss of consciousness anywhere between fractions of a second to 30 seconds.

Originally this flying BMW car CCTV video was posted in the page of the Slovakia Police Department’s Facebook page and the post reached thousands of people within days. Later foreign media too started to post the News in their websites. The post had reached millions of people all over the world. It is now your turn to watch and share the clip with your friends, if you think it is worth.
Video Link: Here.

The video is circulating in the social media. Lot of people are sharing it while many had downloaded it and had uploaded as their own video which they had captured the event by themselves. You can find the video in Twitter, Facebook and in Youtube channels.

Here is the Video.