Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 New Price  in India: INR 3.53 – 5.13 lakh
Sri Lanka Rs 22,10,000/- (2020 price. Currently out of stock)

New Alto Price: Rs 354,000/- – Rs 513,000/-
Alto K10 Price: 399,000/- – Rs 596,000/-
WagonR Price:  Rs 554,500/- up to Rs 730,500/-
Celerio Price: Rs 536,500/- – Rs 714,500/-
SPresso price: Rs 426,500/- – Rs  611,500/-
Swift Price: Rs 599,450/- – Rs 889,000/-

In this year 2023 Maruti 800 production has been  discontinued. The manufacturer said it is not worth to upgrade the model to be a  latest BS6 Phase 2 emission complying model. The Suzuki Alto K10 model will take the leading role as the entry level hatchback segment.

2023 Maruti Alto Car

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 is one of the reputed car in Sri Lanka for being a small but powerful car. Alto 800 is a good one to handle the Colombo peak traffic. This 800cc model came into the market with better design and robust engineering where it provides a high mileage (24.7 km/L). In Sri Lanka Alto  remains as the simple but comfortable car of a small family. The Alto 800 is fitted with a 0.8-liter petrol engine that is capable of putting out 48 PS and 69 Nm of max power and max torque respectively. The engine is coupled with 5-speed manual transmission which provides the power to the front wheels of the car.


In India it is priced in the range of Rs 2.46-3.72 Lakh, In Sri Lanka currently this Alto 800 model is meeting tough competition from the similar range models like Renault Kwid, Hyundai Eon, and Datsun redi Go cars. This Alto model is very popular in the Sri Lanka market and it got good second hand value too with good profit for the owner. Service and spare parts availability are the main reason for its popularity in this island nation. Nearly all the Insurance companies offer full insurance coverage for this 800 cc model car.

2022 Alto 800 Car.

Headlight Levelling
High-Mounted Stop Lamp
2 Speed Front Wiper & Washer
Collapsible Steering Column
Tubeless Tyres

Front Solid Disc
Rear Drum

Seating 5 Persons
Fuel Tank 35 Lt (Petrol)

Number of cylinders: 3
Number of valves: 12
Swept Volume: 796 CC
Engine Type: F8D
Engine Control: 32 bit Computer
Maximum Power: 35.3 kw @ 6000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 69 Nm @ 3500 rpm
Transmission: 5 Speed MT

Front MacPherson Strut
Rear 3 Link Rigid Axle Suspension

Gross Weight 1185 Kg
Kerb Weight 695 Kg

Alto 800 Features.

Power Windows.
Integrated Stereo
24.7 Km/L
Air bag
Rear Door Child Lock
Keyless Entry
Fog Lamps.

In Sri Lanka most people select this economy car not only for its performance also for the fact that their dealers are ready to provide required service and to supply original spare parts for their customers.

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Vehicle Permit Holder Car Price

Vehicle Permit

Vehicle Permit Holder Car Price.

Sri Lanka Government executives were offered with brand new vehicles at half the price. Currently the move is under hold. Further more, these vehicles under permit can’t be transferred or sold. It is a crime under the existing Sri Lanka law. In addition permit holders must keep watching Newspapers and TV’s to find special offers and concessions.

Experience the epitome of effortless driving and luxurious comfort today with the DFSK Glory i-AUTO SUV.
Price: Rs 13,900,000/-
Permit Holder Price: Rs 11,900,000/-

The Year 2023 had arrived. But the expected growth for Sri Lanka economy is not in sight. So this year too there are no chances for resuming the vehicle import in Sri Lanka.
2023 Used Car price in Sri Lanka.
Hilux Vigo Champ Rs 14 Million
Toyota Prius 2016 Rs 10,950,000/-
Toyota Premio Superior 2010 Rs 87,50,000/-
Suzuki A Star 2011 Rs 29.50
Toyota Prado 2015 Rs 39,750,000/-
Mitsubishi Montero 2013 Rs 24,500,000/-
Mercedes Benz C200 Rs 28,900,000/-

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Central Bank new Governor had stated in 2020, that if the foreign currency flow is good in the coming year car imports are possible. In addition, the vehicle import restrictions can be removed soon. Also the restricted imports too can be revised in the future.

Corona and Vehicle imports in Sri Lanka.

However, this year, just as Corona virus took hold of Sri Lanka; the government imposed a complete ban on Motor Vehicle imports. The government cited 2020 foreign currency out-flows as the primary reason for this decision. With this new rule, vehicles with already established letters of credit have not been permitted into the country. The impact of this decision to the Sri Lankan economy, vehicle importers, and other related industries, has not been favorable, according to some. Entrepreneurs who have been in the motor vehicle industry for generations, and those providing support services for motor vehicles have been adversely affected. We spoke to The Vehicle Importers’ Association of Sri Lanka (VIASL). By Chaturanga Samarawickrama Read more

Permit holders can buy vehicles already imported at reduced prices: Finance Ministry

However, the Finance Ministry today said vehicle permit holders who haven’t been unable to import vehicles due to import restrictions, can purchase unregistered vehicles already imported to the country from registered vehicle importers/sellers at market price minus the tax concession entitled for such permits. Read more.

Vehicle permit holders.

Above all vehicle permit holders can do all the necessary paper works to buy their cars through reputed banks in Sri Lanka. Similarly  through the popular car importing companies. Commercial Banks used to offer leasing facilities and other financing facilitates to the customers. Most of the Sri Lanka people first prefer to buy a Japanese sedan model car or Japanese Hybrid car. In conclusion this is to show their status and power or to save fuel bill with the Hybrid model. More over, there are thousands of Wagon R Hybrid models are on the roads of Sri Lanka. Because these kinds of model have good second hand re-sale value. Overall their second choice is, cars made in Europe and then USA that is followed by the Indian make cars. Further more, lot of Indian cars are on the road due to their lower price and spare parts availability.

In addition, the permit holders must take care to buy proper Insurance policies and coverage for their new vehicles that they are buying under this scheme.

Vehicle Permit Holder Car Prices. (Import Ban applies on vehicles)

Model                                                                     Permit Price
Ssangyong Muso Rexton 2022                               Rs 60 lakhs
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2022                                           Rs 59 lakhs
Mitsubishi Triton GLX L200                                   Rs 61 lakhs
MGHS 1.5L                                                                  Rs 59 lakhs
Premio Toyota 2022                                                  Rs 64 lakhs
Range Rover Evoque (Land Rover)                        Rs 15.0Mn
2022 Toyota CH-R                                                     Rs 5,200,000
Used Car Price (2022) in Sri Lanka.
Year     Model     Price

2018 – Vitz – 8.1 Million
2018 – Alto Japan – 5 Million
2015 – Alto India – 3 Million
2017 – Toyota Axio – 15 Million
2008 – Axio – 6.4 Million
2014 – Toyota Premio – 12.5 Million
2019 – Premio – 19 Million


Import cars, Japan to Sri Lanka

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Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar is a 4 seat SUV. This is available at the price of Rs. 13.59 Lakh up to Rs 14.28 Lakh in India. Thar is now available in 6 colors in this year 2022. Mahindra Thar can be selected as BS6 compliant petrol or diesel engine model. It it got a ground clearance of 226 mm for safe riding during the off action period. Also Manual and Automatic (Torque Converter) option too available for the buyer. As per Mahindra Thar buyers can “Choose between the All-New mStallion150 petrol engine and mHawk130 diesel engine. With 6-speed automatic and manual transmission options.” As per  Auto Analysts Mahindra Thar is one of the very Good Indian SUV model that is available at good price range. Diesel model or Petrol model it provides perfect power out put. And they say it is a good choice for the Indian roads.

Test Drive is offered by Mahindra Dealers.

AX Optional Diesel RWD Price: Rs 10,54,500/-
4 WD – AX Optional Petrol 4WD Price: Rs 13,87,300/-
AX Optional Diesel 4WD Price: Rs 14,49,000/-
LX Diesel MT RWD Price: Rs 12,04,500/-
LX Diesel AT RWD Price: Rs 13,49,000/-
Petrol LX MT 4WD Price: Rs 14,56,300/-
LX Diesel MT 4WD With MLD Price: Rs 15,35,000/-
LX Diesel MT 4WD Without MLD Price: Rs 15,15,000/-
Petrol LX AT 4WD Price: Rs 16,10,400/-
LX Diesel AT 4WD With MLD Price: Rs 16,77,500/-
LX Diesel AT 4WD Without MLD Price: Rs 16,57,000/-

Mahindra Thar SUV Price.

Thar LX Convertible 4 Seater
Transmission: Automatic / Manual
Engine Type: Petrol / Diesel
Convertible Soft Top (With Diesel MT & AT, Petrol AT) / Hard Top
Key Features:
HVAC, Touchscreen, DRL, Alloy
4WD, MLD, BLD & R18 A/T Tyres
Driver Information System
ESP, Roll Cage, 2 Airbags, ABS

AX Optional
Transmission: Manual
Engine Type: Petrol / Diesel
Top Options: Convertible Soft Top / Hard Top (Diesel Only)
Key Features:
HVAC, Keyless Entry (HT)
4WD, MLD & R16 A/T Tyres
Front Facing Rear-Seats
Roll Cage, 2 Airbags, ABS

HVAC, Touchscreen, DRL, Alloys
4WD, MLD, BLD & R18 A/T Tyres
Driver Information System
ESP, Roll Cage, 2 Airbags,
SUV Body Type,
Front Wheel Drive,
Disc Brake system,
(ABS) Anti Lock Braking System,
7 Seats and 4 Doors,
70 Lt Fuel Capacity,
Diesel Fuel Type,
Power steering,
15 MPG Mileage in City and 15 MPG On Highway.

Thar Diesel Specifications.

Engine Capacity: 2184cc
Maximum Power: 97 Kw (130 BHP) @3750 rpm
Maximum Torque: 300nm @ 1600 – 2800 rpm
Fuel tank Capacity: 57 Lt
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank: 20 Lt

Mahindra Thar is good against Tata harrier and Tata Nexon.

Other Mahindra Car Models in India.
Mahindra XUV700 Price: INR 12.49 Lak
XUV300 Price: INR 7.96 Lakh
Scorpio Price: INR 12.81 Lakh
Bolero Price: INR 8.77 Lakh
Marazzo Price: INR 12.41 Lakh
KUV100 Price: INR 6.13 Lakh
Mahindra eKUV100 Price: INR 8 Lakh
Alturas G4 Price: INR 28.77 Lakh
Mahindra New Scorpio Price: INR 10.00 Lakh
eXUV300 Price: INR 14.00 Lakh
Mahindra e20 NXT Price: INR 6.00 Lakh

Mahindra XUV300 Turbo Sport.

This Turbo model comes with New TGDi Engine.
Price of XUV300 Turbo Sport: Rs 10.35 Lakhs

Meanwhile Mahindra KUV 100 is assembled and sold in Sri Lanka at affordable price Also they used to sell Mahindra Scorpio and  Bolero models too in Sri Lanka. These two models are very popular with the small time business people as they used to transport products. Meanwhile in India Maruti, Tata and Hayundai cars too are very popular with the mass.

Mahindra Thar EMI Explained Here.



DATSUN redi-GO Car

Datsun redi-GO

Datsun redi-GO Car.
Price in India.
A Model Price: INR 3,98,000/-
T Model Price: INR 4,26,000/-
800CC Model Price: INR 4,54,000/-
1.0L Model Price: INR 4,74,500/-
Smart Drive Auto (AMT) Model Price: INR 4,95,600/-
The Datsun Redii-go is discontinued in India and out of stock with most of the dealers.

Sri Lanka Price Rs 1,790,000/-+ 2020 Price (Currently out of stock)

Datsun redi-GO blends the modern styling of an urban hatchback with the spirit of a crossover. Its high, wide stance gives you a commanding feel on the road, while retaining the agility of a compact vehicle – truly the best of both worlds. This model is good for Sri Lanka as the driver can handle small roads and lanes with this car. Can drive faster on Expressways to their destinations in comfort and safely in this redi-Go. As the price is lower the annual full Coverage insurance too won’t cost lot of money for the owner. The monthly fuel bill too will be low as the this Datsun car is doing 25.17 km/l in average running.

Datsun redi-GO Features.

Engine: DOHC 12 valve, 3 Cylinders, Manual 5 Speeds, 2WD Front
Fuel Consumption: 25.17 km/l
Dual Air Bags.
Tubeless Tyre.
Brakes: Disc and Drum
Power Steering
Heater & Ventilator
Air conditioner
Front Power Window
Utilitarian Front console
Front Two Speakers
Drive Computer

This is a stylish driver +3 passenger car that is good for city and rural areas.

The redi-GO is coming with a 799 cc, high power and high torque engine that delivers good impressive fuel efficiency of 25.17 km/L, great for city commuting and road trips too. Handling and maintenance of this Datsun redi-GO is too not a costly one according to the analysts.

DOHC 12 valve 3 Cylinders
Engine type In-Line 3, DOHC
Max power 54 Ps @ 5678 RPM
Max torque 72 Nm @ 4386 RPM
Fuel system Electronic Gasoline Injection System
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Carbon Monoxide Emission (g/km) 0.181
Hydro Carbon Emission (g/km)e 0.045
Nox Emission (g/km) 0.016
HC+Nox Emission (g/km) 0.061
Noise level of Horns 101.3dB (A)

Available Colors.
Ruby, Silver, Grey, Lime and White

Check for additional offers.
Cash Price Discount.
Free Car Insurance.
Free Fuel for One Year.
Special Leasing arrangements.

Yamaha Motorcycle.

BAIC D20 Sedan.


Baic D20 Sedan is a 1.5Lt petrol engine fitted Sedan which is also available in Sri Lanka. Micro Cars had Introduced 2 popular models as BAIC D20 Sedan and BAIC X25 SUV here. In the recent years that this Chines models had sold a lot in the local market. They looks like Japanese model cars and comes with bright colors with cutting edge engine technology.  Inside of the vehicle lot of features are available for the driver and the passengers.

Note: Due to this model is out of stock in Sri Lanka due to ongoing  Vehicle Import Ban. This import ban was placed in 2020 by the Sri Lanka Government.

The most affordable BAIC car in the USA comes under BAIC D20 series the D20 hatchback. It is powered by a 1.5-liter engine, it is available as automatic and manual transmission models. Features include air-conditioning, power windows.D20 is the newest  car in USA.
BAIC is a Chinese car maker. The company was founded in the year 1988, and headquartered in Beijing, China. BAIC makes SUV, Sedan, Off-Road, EV. Some famous BAIC car in USA is BAIC D20, D50, New D70, and X25.

This D20 seems to be an affordable sedan for average family to travel in comfort.  It is worth for the unmatched features that provides to the owner.
BAIC D20 is priced at           Rs 3,950,000/- Currently
Micro BAIC D20 Sedan  Rs. 3,950,000/-
BAIC X25 SUV                   Rs. 4,990,000/- Limited Offer Rs 3,990,000/- (As of April 2018)

Baic X25 Options in Sri Lanka.
1,499 cc Engine. Auto transmission. Daytime Running Lights, Multifunction Steering, Push Start System, 8 – speaker surround sound system, 7.0″ Touch Screen,

BAIC D20 Features.

Rear parking radar with reverse camera.
Electric Sunroof.
14″ Ally Wheels
Japanese AISIN Automatic Transmission.
Auto Head Light with DRL.
Multimedia System With 6.5″ Touch Screen.
Airbags For Driver and Passengers.

Multimedia System.
Single Disc CD, USB, AUX+ Radio
CD + 6.5 inch touch screen + GPS + USB + AUX + Radio
6 speakers.

Available Colors.

Entertainment Sector in the Baic D20.
Single Disc CD, USB, AUX+ Radio
CD + 6.5 inch touch screen + GPS + USB + AUX + Radio
Number of speakers 6
Double din center console design
Sound adjustable – speed sensor
Remote key control (mechanical 1+ remote 1)
3 spoke multi-functional steering wheel

Airbag – driver location and in passenger location
Front three – point seat belts
Rear three – point seat belts
Seat belt height adjustable (Pillar B)
warning at driver location
warning at passenger location
Engine immunizer
Automatic fuel cut – off
Theft – deterrent alarm system factory fitted.
Child safety lock for rear doors.
side door beams available
Daytime fuming light
Rear fog Lights
LED high – mounted brake light
Head light on warning system
Automatic latch function – speed sensor
Electronic sunroof
Anti – UV glass (green)

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