Web CallBack.

Web Callback to USA is now becoming very popular all over the world.
Lot of VoIP service providers are behind this service and providing them through their websites. Whenever you visit one of these websites you will notice their service plan over there.

This service allows two phone lines to be connected by the web service provider regardless of which part of the world that these phone lines are located.
Worldwide callback service is provided at cheaper price as it is using the VoIP and the Cloud hosting facility.

How this works?
Save your phone number in the “call from” field of the website.
Save each contact’s name and phone numbers in the web site.
Click the connect link and answer your phone when it rings.

Web Callback benefits.

Lower rates are applied as the service is cheaper than for regular calling price.
Same low rates for both directions
It doesn’t needs a PIN to get connected.
There is no need to dowlnload any software or any install is not required.

They provide easy-to-use phone book
Can be accessed from any part of the world
No connection fee or maintenance fee is required to be paid.
Rounding by 3 minutes

15% Service taxes & surcharges may apply depending on your resident country.
Validity period is normally 6 months (from last refill/purchase)

Like wise callback URL supports the website owners to direct their customers from their shopping cart area for payment and once it is made they will be returned to the original website.

Also webcall on websites allow the visitors to place contact them back once they fill their phone numbers in the website.
Also they can ask for an agent to call back or can give a time to call them back through their phone.




Virtual Contact Center Web Callback API