Pokémon Go Reality Game.

Pokémon Go Reality Game.

Pokémon Go got the world under it as millions of people aree on the streets with it in their Smartphone. Most of these people forgot about their other activities in their social media pages like Tinder, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Also plenty of them are spending money through their inline purchase mode through their Pokémon Go App. The good thing is people are not staying any more in their homes as the game needs them to move in real places to play their Pokémon Go game.

The bad thing is that many of them used to pump against people and also drain their battery power and have to return to their homes to recharge their devices. While lucky people who have power banks come back again in to the action game from a quick recharge. On the other hand the game is not good with Wi-Fi so the carriers are happy with their earning from the data usage from their clients who used to play the data hungry Pokémon Go with the GPS.

A player playing this game for 7 hours for 30 days can go with the 2GB data plan which will cost him US$55 a month in the USA.

How to control your data usage?
Set mobile data limit in your device.
Play the game in place where free Wi-Fi is available.
Download/stream videos, music, or media while you are playing this game is not a good idea.
Close the Apps that you are not using
Stop background app data.
Stop notifications, Email and push notifications.

Mean while some park directors are going to require Niantic that is behind the “Pokemon Go,” to comply with a county ordinance that requires a permit for game play in the public spaces.

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