Xiaomi Accessories in the USA.

Xiaomi Accessories in the USA.
Xiaomi Accessories
Xiaomi the chines Smartphone maker is in the USA not with their flagship Smartphone but with their top selling accessories starting from headphones to bands. Currently their products are available through their online market place.

Xiaomi is currently selling its sleek design Smartphone in eight countries including China and India at much lower price ranging from about $95 to $280. And they are now targeting to sell their product in Brazil in near soon.

In China Xiaomi has sold about 61 million phones in 2014, where its 2013 volume was around 20 million according to their report.. That established Xiaomi as China’s top seller of smartphones with a 15 percent market share to edge out Samsung at 14 percent.

Xiaomi Mi Bands that are targeted for the health concerned fans is selling around US$13 online as they have direct loyal fan base like Apple.
Mean while the price of the Mi 4 got a 10% price cut in the Indian market to compete with other Smartphones in India. The 16GB Xiaomi Mi 4 is now available for $289 USD. The 64GB Xiaomi Mi 4 is now sold at $353 USD. It means both models had a price cut of nearly $32 USD.
there are many private sellers who are doing business through the eBay and other websites like this one in the USA, The seller may be in the USA and they used to ship to the USA Destination through insurance courier service in a timely manner. Payments can be made through the plastic cards as per your convenient.

Accessories for Xiaomi Mi phones

Xiaomi Mi Micro USB Fast Charging Cable 120cm
Qingmi Micro USB Fast Charging Cable 20cm
Wide-Angle Macro Combo Lens
Mi 4 USB Charger
FotoPro EP-2 Mini Pocket Tripod
Car Charger Dual USB
USB Type-C to Micro USB Female Adapter
USB Type-C Cable 120cm
Micro USB Cable 20cm