Offer on Calling cards

Phone Cards selling companies and websites used to offer different kinds of special offers to attract customers to buy their calling cards. Specially Philippines, India and USA based companies offer these special cards by selling at low price during the holiday season like Diwali, Christmas and New year.

Many VoIP call service providers do offer calling cards or calling minutes through special offers. You can make free calls to many countries under their fair usage program. To get these offers you will be required to become as a member by registering in their websites. There after you will be allowed to download their widget or softPhone to your computer from their web site, if you are going to use the PC dialer to call overseas.

Once you buy $10 valued calling card from them, by using their widget you can call your friends for free, if they too have the same company widget installed in their computer. Further more they offer free calls to nearly 40 countries for a period of 90 days. This free call faculty is available mobile phones in fewer countries. Most of these calling cards have the features of low rates, high voice quality, PIN free dialing and on-line call history.

These special offers can cut your telephone bill dramatically low if you are a regular international phone call maker.
If you are using public phones to make international calls try to talk continuously and finish the calling cards as most of the public phone used phone cards will cut a larger amount of money at the beginning of the conversation.
For example if you call three different phone numbers with the same phone card you may get a total of 10 minutes call only. But if you keep talking only to one phone number from the beginning up to the card’s end time; you can talk for nearly 60 minutes.

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