Samsung Smartphone Promotion.

Samsung Smartphone is providing year end promotion in Sri Lanka. Every year seasonal sales used to be announced here as most of the people expect for it. Nearly all the brands and companies used to look for this opportunity to boost there sales. And people too are ready to spend lavishly during these holiday season. TV advertisement, Radio advertisement, Newspaper and electronic hoardings too are doing their best to attract customers are who are ready to spend money.

Sri Lanka people celebrate New Year in Grand scale. Companies here used to offer price reduction on appliances just like American Black Friday Sales. So people wait for this holiday to purchase  devices and Appliances at unbelievable cheap prices. People may get more price reduction if they use their credit cards. Many devices are offered on 0% interest for the certain credit card holders. Due to this Sri Lanka youths hold many credit cards from different banks to get offers. There are no restrictions on how many credit cards you may hold. Most of them require minimum deposit or a powerful guarantor to get the card. Only thing you get bad from this card is late pay interest. If you forget to pay the minimum amount in time, then you will have the interest with your next payment.

Samsung too has announced price reduction along with some special presents for each and every Smartphone purchase during this days. Of course you will the company warranty for each of the devices. Normally one year warranty.

Samsung Smartphone Prices.

Galaxy G610F J7 Prime 4G 2016 Model price Rs 41,550/-
J710F J7 4G 2016 Model price Rs 36,700/-
J Max 4G Model price Rs 29,250/-
J510F J5 4G 2016 Model price Rs 31,000/-
J3 4G 2016 Model price Rs 23,100/-
J201F J2 4G 2016 Model price Rs 22,300/-
J120F J1 2016 Model price Rs 15,400/-
There are many more models too available for sale.

Source: Sundaytimes