Hutch offer. 1.1 GB Mobile Data.

Hutch offer cheap data plan in Sri Lanka. Mobile phone carrier Hutch has recently announced 1.1GB of mobile data for just Rs 99/- . VAT price will apply for the purchase. With Hutch offer users can get more data to send and receive files and to surf the web sites through the mobile internet plan. Plenty people used to use their data limit function in their Smartphone to get maximum data for the money they had paid to the carrier.

Most people in Srilanka understand the data peak hour usage and off peak hour usage. Peak hour data plan is priced at higher value for each MB. Most Youngsters wait till 12.00 midnight to download their favorite movies and video songs from the internet. Some of them open more browsers and download video clips and songs for to use them during the day time or in the evening time with their friends.

Data used by Apps.

Many of them don’t know that some of their Apps are too eating their paid data plan anytime through the background activities. To avoid this delete those Apps that you don’t use frequently. To find these Apps most of the Smartphones used to help the user by identifying them.
The user can decide on it to keep or to delete it.

Hutch offer at Rs 99.00

Check out the announcements from all the mobile phone carriers in Sri Lanka, like Hutch offer. They used to provide special prices on their data plan time to time. During the New Year period, Holidays and on the other special days they used to offer discounted data for their customers. Some carriers offer free data whenever their customers recharge (top-up) their mobile phones. Customers can set their data usage through theirĀ  Smartphones. All the carriers allow to check the remaining data by sending SMS text messages.