Damaged Mobile Reload Card

Damaged Mobile Reload Card can make you nervous when you are in a hurry to reload your mobile phone calling minutes with it.
Mobile Reload Card Damaged?
It can happen, if you scratch the coating covering the secret numbers of the card,  in a hard way.
Reload cards are the popular mode of Recharge or Top-up mobile phone calling balance in Sri Lanka.

6 ways available to Reload or Recharge.

1. Through online reload websites.
2. Pay in the phone shop
3. Top-up through a vendor machine, in phone shop.
4. Reload through a multipurpose vendor machine located in public places.
5. Buy a recharge card and follow the instruction.
6. Go to any Super Market and Reload the phone by paying the cashier.

Agent shop and the supermarket cashier can give you the balance, if you provide a large denomination bank note.
The online reload and the multipurpose vendor machine will not provide balance for the payment.

Damaged Mobile Reload Card.

At a communication center you had bought a mobile phone recharge card.
When you scratch the number part it was partially damaged.
So let’s see what to do, if your recharge card had been damaged.
The first thing you must do is to scan the number side in a scanner and get a large scan of it. (Resolution 600dpi)
Or place the card in a place where good light is available and take a photo of it.
In both ways you can clearly read the numbers when you make the

With this way, you can view the scanned or the photo and can see the damaged number clearly.
This will help you to find out the damaged numbers and to load the amount in to your phone.

Mobile Reload Card.

Don’t keep the recharge card in a hot place like in a car dashboard.
Never keep the card for months in your purse or in any other places.
These will make the paint coating over the secret numbers to be hard.
So whenever you scratch the card it won’t be removed easily.
It will be seen as pasted on it.

Tourist visiting Sri Lanka.

If you are one of the Tourist, use the supermarket cashier service to make the mobile phone reload rather than other methods. Super markets are reliable one for you and they used to be kept open till late night.
Sri Lanka Rupees is enough to reload. There is no need to pay in US Dollar or in Euro for to get mobile phone
top-up service.

Following Sri Lanka Carriers offer mobile phone reload through scratch cards.
Airtel, Dialog, Etisalat, Hutch and Mobitel offer these cards with different cash value.
Minimum recharge card value Sri Lanka Rs 20/-

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