Free International Call providers.

Free international calls are provided by VoIP service providers, messenger service providers and through mobile Apps. Most of the messenger services along with the mobile Apps provide free international calls. While the VoIP service providers used to provide this free call service as a test facility of 1 – 3 minutes. All the providers request the people to become as a member to allow this service. Most of these services are limited to land lines located world wide. Mobile phone calls are normally expensive. So very few service providers offer the call facility to mobile phones.

Free International Calls.

When free international calls are searched, the first coming result will contain the Skype program. They are leaders for this service where they provide paid and free calls along with video calls. To use their service you have to become as a member in their service. To achieve fee calls your family members and friends too must be registered members in the Skype service. Then only they can have free international call facility.

Skype allows their members to login through their Smartphones, PC, Laptops and through their tablet to make calls, messaging and file sharing facilities.,

Viber  is another popular International call provider for its members. They too offer free call facility within friends while they offer paid calling facility too for their members. To activate this service you have to buy call credits from them. Login to your account and then purchase call minutes using your credit card through their online purchasing facility.

When purchasing any call minutes, you must read the service facility and refund facility before you do the purchasing. Some programs used to expire the paid call minutes after some months or days. So get a clear idea of the payment, call prices and user agreement with the provider.

Free calls are achieved through free Wi-Fi along with free call providers only.