Gen X Nano From Tata Motors.

Gen X Nano Price: 1,975,000/- (Automatic)

Gen X Nano is coming with 5 speed AMT gearbox and it is ready for sports mode with enhanced acceleration. Sporty steering wheel that is electric power assisted.Front fog lamp, power shutters, remote key with central locking. Extended luggage with large boot space. Music system with radio, CD, USB, MP, Bluetooth that can be connected to  your Smartphone or Tab. Gen X Nano provides good fuel efficiency. Now this latest Nano model is available for sale in India and Sri Lanka. These models have very good second hand market too here in Sri Lanka.

Lot of previous Nano models are running on Sri Lanka roads. Most  of them are operating as taxi for quick transport in the city traffic. The smaller size is good for quick and easy maneuvering through the heavy traffic. Indian Tata models are priced at affordable price in Sri Lanka. This Nano models are considered as the lowest price ones in the Sri Lanka Auto market.  There are other Indian Brand cars are available with larger engines and with many more options. Banks also offer leasing and financing facilities for these Small model cars. Where customers can select any of the easy payment mode that comes with little interest on monthly basis.

Gen X Nano model’s Features.

Electric Power Assisted Steering along with speed sensitivity.
Enhanced and simplified drive, through ePAS with speed sensitivity and active return function for easy maneuverability.
Ample storage, with 110L luggage space available for MT and 94L luggage space available for Easy Shift (AMT).
Seating: Comfortable seating and class-leading^ interior space, with more legroom and shoulder room.
A/C: Powerful air-conditioning that enables quick cooling.
The new GenX Nano, comes as, the XTA & XMA with Easy Shift (AMT) and 3 variants as XE, XM, XT with Manual Transmission.
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